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This unique Tibetan Roll On Jade singing bowl, also called healing bowl, its use dates back to 2000 BC in Asia, widely used since ancient times in Nepal and Tibet, mainly by Buddhist monks for meditation, music, religious rituals.

It is made from an alloy of seven different metals connected to seven astrological planets, which create a range of different sounds and harmonics. These seven metals are gold for the Sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter and lead for Saturn. This Tibetan bowl is entirely created by hand in a traditional way and according to the traditions, in Nepal, by a family who lives this craft.

It can be used as an offering bowl, for meditations or relaxation, to reenergize stones and crystals. Our bowls have a double effect with sound and vibrations. It is proven that these can directly affect mood, brain balance, nervous system and impact the body at the molecular level. This bowl will facilitate sleep, general balance, digestion and reenergize the energies of your environment, your stones and crystals.

Diameter: 11.5cm